Stickman Shooting- Dead Or Alive


-Unity 5.4.3f1 or higher (Support highest Unity Version)

– Unity Ads for Free Coins and Continue game

– Admob

– Leaderboard for Android, Game Center leaderboard for iOS

– In-Apps Purchase included

– Share Native with image,subject,info game,link download

– Hardcore gameplay, which is easy to begin, but difficult to become a master : Use the finger to control player (Tap,Swipe Up,Swipe Down,Release finger)



Stickman is a game genre that has hundreds of millions of gamers around the globe with tens of millions of likes and regular users on mobile devices.The world’s most successful endless stickman – It is now available with a unique and attractive gameplay mode

– What is Stickman Shooting? This game will challenge you with stickman that do all the important tasks such as run, shoot, dive,jump..etc, causing all stickman invaders to dismounting while also destroying fighter jets, Helicopters, as well as hundreds of counterattacks with explosives. Stickman invasion troops are extremely organized. They have invaded most cities in the world, to become a legendary stickman and a hero to save the world, you need to perform incredible dizzying tricks!


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